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Souveniers from Madagascar

Souvenir Shop

At the souvenir Shop, you will find suitable memories of an unforgettable journey: skilfully finished Zebu horns, handwoven baskets, plant books or valuable jewellery.

Relaxing massages at the Famata Lodge.


Would you like to relax after a long journey or loosen your muscles after a strenuous hiking tour? Treat yourself to a soothing massage with native katafray oil.

Weddings and other Events at the Lodge

Weddings & Events

We are love to celebrate with you! Birthdays, weddings or anniversaries - we can prepare your personal offer tailored to your wishes. Contact us.


Souvenirs from Madagascar

Julia's family crafts the precious bracelets by hand
Historically valuable

Julia's family crafts the precious bracelets by hand - from genuine 5-Franc coins from Napoleon's days. Julia selects the coins carefully, while her family in Ambovombe processes the precious pieces with much love.

T-Shirt Madagascar Shop
Well dressed

Madagascar suits you! You will find a suitable T-Shirt with memorable motives of an adventurous time on the exotic island at the shop.

Art made from Zebu horn
Perfectly crafted

Art made from Zebu horn: Be surprised by the many forms and colours Zebu horns can retain.

Instruments from Madagascar
Tactfully exotic

With the hand-carved instruments from local wood, you will take the sounds of Madagascar home. Better than CD? The Famata band "ça va" sells its own CD in the shop.

Table sets, baskets, hats and much more
Careful woven

Table sets, baskets, hats and much more can be found at the souvenir shop.

Naturally strong

The probably most-known algae of Madagascar is a popular food supplement and tonic in the form of capsules. It is locally grown and processed in Toliara.